35 - 49 yrs old Female respondents for focus group on night treatment, skincare - Central Area

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Item details

Urban area: Central Area, Central Region
Salary: S$ 100


Contact name Loh

Item description

This is a focus group discussion about 1.5 hour on topics night treatment product and skin care products

Response if your profile fit into criteria.

Venue : Amoy Street

Date : 2-11-2011 to 4-11-2011 at 10.00am or 3.00pm for Chinese Female of Age 35 - 39yrs old (Cash S$100)
2-11-2011 to 4-11-2011 at 10.00am or 3.00pm for Chinese Female of Age 40 - 44yrs old (Cash S$100)
2-11-2011 to 4-11-2011 at 10.00am or 3.00pm for Chinese Female of Age 45 - 49yrs old (Cash S$100)

Incentives : Cash S$100


- Chinese Female respondents age of 35 - 49yrs old, working full time or part-time
- Respondents must be flexible with the timing as to see which products you use and fit in which time slot
- Respondents must be a 1) Regular Users of Anti-Aging Night Treatment Products AND 2) Lifting/Firming/Shaping/Coontouring Skincare products
- Female who loves to look good and who are particular in taking good care of their skin.
- Respondents must be very concern about their skin condition.
- Respondents must purchased from local dept store, hypermarket & Personal Care Stores.
- Respondents must be users of beauty and skin care product regularly.
- Respondents who are conscious of their appearance. Want to look young, attractive and confident. Do a lot of things to achieve these. Know what is new in the market. Eager to try new products. Don't mind paying a premium on skincare products
- Respondents are required to send in pictures by email of both products marked 1) and 2) first and also have to bring the two products to the focus group the discussion.
- Household income of S$6000 and above
- Respondents please take note that if you have participated in any focus group discussion you are not allowed to participate for the next 6mths

Interested parties can email to surveyrecruitor@gmail.com with the following details filled up and also the pictures of the 2 products:-

Full Name:
I/C No:
Gender :
Handphone No:
Marital Status: Single/Married with kid/Married without kids
Industry you are working in:
1) Brand of Anti-Aging Night Treatment Products:
How many times per week for using Anti-Aging Night Treatment Products:
2) Brand of Lifting/Firming/Shaping/Coontouring Skincare products:
How many times per week for using Lifting/Firming/Shaping/Coontouring Skincare products
Where you buy your treatment product and skincare products:
Monthly Income:
Monthly Household Income :

Please note that the interviewer will make a short screening before selected.

Please pass to your family members, friends or colleagues who are interested.

Important: Please be honest with your submission to prevent blacklisted by Research Company
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